Kemer is a seaside town set in one of the most stunning locations anywhere along the Mediterranean. It’s also set along the historic Lycian Way, making it a popular spot for hikers and camping out. Actually, more than that, its natural beauty makes it a perfect spot for all kinds of outdoor activities, including the aforementioned camping and hiking and also mountain biking, cycling, boat racing, motocross, and more.

Its beaches are famous and if you come at the right time of year, you might see some stars mingling with the locals on its beautiful shores.

The town itself is cute and great for shopping and getting a bite to eat, selling all kinds of wares you’ll find nowhere else. In the summers, it is known for hosting tons of concerts and festivals with people flocking from all over the country to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and big-name bands that come here.

Kemer Marina

The marina at Kemer is massive, with 320 berths. Just staring at the yachts that anchor here is enough to gawk at, with some beauties from all around the world spending time here every summer.


Right along the Lycian Way, the tree houses of Olympos and camp grounds surrounding it are wonderful for star gazing, right in Olimpos Beydağları National Park. Every year the Olimpos Sky and Science Festival is organized right here due to its amazing location right on the Mediterranean and the opportunity to see so many stars in a sky that rarely features any clouds at all.

Göynük Canyon

Göynük is well known within Turkey as one of the most beautiful spots anywhere in the country. It’s been a relatively important area since the Roman era. Its forests and lakes are stunning, and in the fall people flock to see the range of colors, not to mention the local cuisine which is delectable.