Experience Winter And Summer In One Day: From Konyaalti To Saklikent

Quick question: what’s the closest ski resort in the world to the equator? You guessed it, it’s Saklıkent in Antalya, which doubles as the closest ski resort to the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful spot overlooking a canyon of the same name rises up to 2,550 meters at its summit in the Taurus Mountains.

Which means, of course, that nearby there’s gotta be the sea! If you come towards the end of the fall or in the Spring, you really have the opportunity to do what is possible just about nowhere else on Earth: To go skiing down the chilly slopes and bathe on the beach all in the same day! And it goes without saying that both spots are breathtakingly beautiful regardless of the weather, so let’s check out exactly what’s in store for you.


This ski resort in the Beydağları section of the Taurus Mountains features 500 chalets and a full ski complex. It’s 2,550 meters at its highest point, and is great for either beginners or average skiiers, or of course for anyone who wants to experience the magic of this region.

The season runs officially from December 10th through April 10th, with most of the time in there relatively sunny with clear skies so you get those views that you’ve been looking for. February and March are the perfect months to go skiing as the weather’s more than warm enough at the beach and the skiing is still in full throttle.

Below the mountains of Saklıkent sit the stunning canyon of the same name. This canyon is a famous summer spot for hiking as the cliffs rise above it, and the whole region is perfect for hiking and taking in the magnificent views. Even if you’re not a skier (or snowboarder or like to go out on ATVs), the views here are totally worth it. Or just if you want to get away from the beach for a day!

The natural beauty and ideal location of this resort makes it one of the world’s most unique spots for a spring or fall vacation.


This beach is just 45 km away from Saklıkent, meaning you can literally strip off your ski gear and head right to the beach – or vice versa because you might want to catch the sunset from up high.

This is a blue flag beach, meaning it meets international standards for cleanliness and environmental sustainability. The turquoise water is stunning and the beach itself is 7 km long, so you can find a spot to set up and make your own.

There’s a nearby ancient Greco-Roman city called Termessos, as well as the ruins of the ancient city of Olbia. Explore the beach and relax (it’s public too, so no entrance fees!) and then check out the ancient cities. There are cafés and restaurants nearby so there’s no shortage of things to keep you busy, and this truly is one of the few spots in the world where you can experience both the cool of winter and the heat of the summer all in one quick day!

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